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A Proven Track Record

Bird Barrier products are installed on thousands of locations around the world. Professional installers regularly send us photos of bird problems on their customers' properties. Photos help our experts gain an understanding of the problem and recommend an effective bird control system. Sometimes, we're fortunate enough to see the "after" photos. We like to share these so that other professionals can learn about different installation techniques.

Call us with your toughest jobs and we'll be albe to help implement the right solution, from warehouses to train stations we have the experience to help you complete any job.

Optical Gel Solves Woodpecker Problems

There is hardly a more annoying bird control problem than a woodpecker pounding a hole in the side of an expensive home or commercial structure. And because the birds are protected, there are very few things that can be done to resolve an issue. Homeowners can choose between loud hammering of holes at inopportune times, […]

Can't Drill or Screw?What Do You Do? Net Magnets!

You have been hired to install bird control and found that the best solution for your customer's problem is StealthNet®. However, your customer has expressed concern about drilling or screwing into the building's metal surfaces. After all, this will leave permanent holes in the metal. Net Magnets are the solution to this dilemma. They are extremely quick […]

Installer Goes The Extra (Five) Miles With Dura-Spike Bird Spike

Installer Goes The Extra (Five) Miles With Dura-Spike Bird SpikeOne of Bird Barrier's factory-certified professional installers sent in these photos of a recent job in an industrial warehouse. Pigeons were perching in the piping and conduit running the length and breadth of a large warehouse. Factoring the size of the building, an exclusion strategy was a logistical nightmare and prohibitively expensive for the client. […]

BirdSlide Makes Sure The Mounties Always Get Their Bird!

In recent years, Canada has become a bastion of modern architectural design.  From Vancouver's ubiquitous glass awnings to Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, Canadian buildings are getting shaken up more than a Los Angeles high-rise in the middle of an earthquake!  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police training depot in Regina, Saskatchewan is no exception to this […]

Introducing New Bird-Shock Quick Connectors

Bird Barrier has upgraded the Bird-Shock Flex-Track product range with the addition of new straight and corner connectors: Bird-Shock Quick Connectors.   Made from durable, UV-stabilized plastic with positive locking tabs, the new Flex-Track Quick Connectors will not spontaneously open; neither will they deteriorate even in the harshest environments. Like the Bird-Shock track itself, the […]

BirdSlide Protects Residence from Starlings

BirdSlide Protects Residence from StarlingsBird Barrier Certified Installer Shows Off His First Bird Job Using BirdSlide This BirdSlide installation was the first major bird control job for Jim Baldridge and his crew at Dewey Pest Control in Lancaster, CA, but he took it with all the enthusiasm of an adventurer seeking a new challenge. A residential customer on their […]

Airport Bird Control Using Bird-Shock Flex-Track

A municipal airport in the south drew up plans to renovate the building's facade. The airport's main sign already had Bird-Shock Flex-Track installed on it. Because of bird problems in other areas of the airport, Flex-Track was included in the blue print as a preemptive airport bird control measure. The facade's overhang includes dozens of […]

Pigeon Population Reduced from 200 to 5 with OvoControl

Pigeon Population Reduced from 200 to 5 with OvoControlSite Description Pima College is a community college located in Tucson, AZ. With nearly 10,000 students, the main campus has a challenging mix of open areas and structures. The Pigeon Problem Pima's main campus in the downtown area of Tucson consists of 11 large, low-rise buildings, expansive parking and tree canopies in a park-like setting. […]

Pigeon Problem Overcome with OvoControl

Pigeon Problem Overcome with OvoControlSite Description Memorial-Hermann in Northwest Houston is a 1,200 bed medical center. First constructed in the 1970s, it has been upgraded extensively and now includes a mix of more than a dozen structures, both old and new.   The Pigeon Problem The hospital campus encompasses more than four city blocks with structures ranging from one […]

Birdwire Protects a Residence

Birdwire Protects a ResidenceBird control systems can be quick and easy to install. The wall between these residences was a favorite perching place for birds, who left a mess on the wall and patios below. With just 30 feet of Birdwire, the installer solved the problem. He used a masonry bit to drill holes for the Birdwire posts […]

Inventory Protected Using Bird Barrier's StealthNet

Inventory Protected Using Bird Barrier's StealthNetFor more than five years, starling and sparrow droppings created a mess on inventory being delivered to a loading dock. Each day, 15 – 20 trucks arrived to deliver supplies to this university in the southeast. The overhang provided shelter to the birds, whose debris landed on deliveries and campus police vehicles. The maintenance staff […]

A Tricky Bird-Shock Bird Control Job

A Tricky Bird-Shock Bird Control JobAt Bird Barrier, we've seen some impressive Bird-Shock jobs over the years, but in terms of complexity, and attention to detail, this one probably takes the cake. A hexagonal pyramid made of Spanish Tile roof shingles needed to be bird-proofed. Pigeons were spending considerable time both on top of, and underneath, the structure. The installer, […]

Getting A Good Work Out

Getting A Good Work OutBird Barrier?s StealthNet, Bird-Shock Flex-Track and Dura-Spike Protect a High-End Health Club. Read more and see the video of this project here: At a four-story fitness center in Southern California, birds had found their comfort zone. A relocation strategy based on Bird Barrier products restored the roof top experience for gym members. Seagulls and pigeons […]

Birds Get Expelled from this Elementary School

Birds Get Expelled from this Elementary SchoolTwo types of birds were preparing their selves for secondary school. Location: Central America Structure: Elementary school Type of Bird(s): Starlings and pigeons Impact: Birds were making a mess on the ground and even on the children. They were also very aggressive at lunch and break times, often taking food right off the tables. Customer […]

Shoppers Deal with Birds Overhead

Shoppers Deal with Birds OverheadThis shopping center's glass ceiling didn't stop birds from nesting above. Structure: Mall with glass roof Problem: Bird droppings visible to shoppers Product Used: Eagle Eye The glass roof of this shopping mall became a favorite roosting spot for birds. The glass was cleaned and prepared for the installation of Eagle Eyes. The birds themselves […]

Birds Vacation at Ocean Front

Birds Vacation at Ocean FrontTurkey Vultures aggressively dropping in on this apartment. Structure: Apartment building Problem: Birds & droppings on balconies Product Used: Flex-Track A beautiful ocean-front apartment building in South Florida. Their droppings are clearly staining the glass balcony walls. A solar charger from Bird Barrier will power the Bird-Shock Flex-Track that will soon be installed on the […]

Birds Increase Student Population

Birds Increase Student PopulationPigeons were unwelcome additions to this college's student body. Structure: College campus building Problem: Birds roosting on decorative architecture Product Used: StealthNet This college campus has many traditional buildings, some that have become favorite roosting places for pigeons. In order to completely exclude birds from the eaves, StealthNet was installed. This solution is undetectable from […]

Birds Adding to Cargo Load

Birds Adding to Cargo LoadThese pigeons were soiling upon autos automatically. Structure: Loading Dock Problem: Droppings on vehicles below Product Used: BirdSlidePigeons were roosting on a ledge over the opening of a loading dock. BirdSlide creates a 45 degree slope that prevents birds from landing or roosting. They were leaving a mess, not only on the building, but on […]

Birds Discharged from this Medical Center

Birds Discharged from this Medical CenterThis job was completed in one week. Structure: Medical Center Problem: Birds roosting in and around open structure Product Used: StealthNet Pigeons and Starlings were roosting in the rafters and on the window sills of the buildings in this medical center. The open structure of this 65-foot tall tower was a haven for birds; please […]

Birds Leave Train Station Right on Schedule

Birds Leave Train Station Right on ScheduleThis train station was bird proofed in many ways, all of which do not detract the look of the station itself. Structure: Canopy inside a train station Problem: Birds loafing on glass canopy Product Used: BirdwireA canopy at a downtown train station, it looks okay from below, but view the next photo to see what?s […]

Church's Pristine Façade Restored

Church's Pristine Façade RestoredA church with an unique wooden architectural pattern was suffering from a problem with pigeon nests. Structure: Church Problem: Pigeons roosting on decorative beams Product Used: Bird-Shock Flex-Track The pesky birds built nests in all of the troughs were the angled beams met the vertical supports. The glass and ground were constantly covered with droppings. […]

Swallows Must Find a New Holiday Location this Season

Swallows Must Find a New Holiday Location this SeasonThe hotel was infested with a Swallow population, with successful usage and installation of our products we were able to solve this problem. Structure: Hotel Problem: Swallows built mud nests under eaves Product Used: Bird-Shock Flex-TrackEach spring, hundreds of swallows would build their nests under the eaves of this hotel, where the wall butts up […]

Pigeons Will No Longer Make Deposits at this Bank

Pigeons Will No Longer Make Deposits at this BankThis financial institute will no longer have habitual habitat problems thanks to the installation of our products. Structure: Bank Product Used: Bird-Shock Flex-Track Location: Pacific Northwest Type of Bird(s): Pigeon Impact: Droppings were damaging the log architecture. Installation Details: Affected surfaces were pressure washed before the installation. Bird-Shock Flex-Track was installed by one professional installer. […]

City Hall Zaps Bird Problem with New Bird-Shock Flex-Track

City Hall Zaps Bird Problem with New Bird-Shock Flex-TrackCity Hall building requires cleaning and maintenance service due to bird problems escalating. Structure: Municipal building Problem: Pigeons and starlings roosting on ledges and other surfaces was inundated with birds before construction was even completed. Product Used: Bird-Shock Flex-Track Location: Central America Impact: Droppings, nesting materials and parasites were contaminating the building. A large government […]

Birds Take Flight Away from this Airport Hotel

Birds Take Flight Away from this Airport HotelThe signage of this getaway was inundated with a trifecta of bird difficulties. Structure: Hotel Problem: Birds roosting on hotel's sign Products Used: Bird-Shock Flex-Track and StealthNetA hotel located at an airport had a tremendous problem with pigeons, sparrows and starlings. Birds created huge problems on signs, ledges and inside mechanical louvers. After a thorough […]

Netting the peristyle walkway of the US Capital Dome

The US Capital Dome is a symbol of American democracy and world-renowned architectural icon, and was constructed of cast iron more than 150 years ago. A multi-year project to restore the Dome has recently been completed, and a bird netting project was specified in. To prevent birds from nesting in the Capital Dome, the Wernersville, […]

Siege of Seagulls at Seaside Hotel

The seagull pressure has been building over the last few years, and has recently become a noticeable problem for this hotel. The seagulls were protecting their eggs on the roof top, a month or more before the birds would begin to fledge. Some even found their way inside the hotel?s ballroom and nested there. The […]

Birds Check Out of University Library Thanks to StealthNet

The University of Texas at Austin's Perry-Castañeda Library building is a marvel of mid-century institutional design. The monolithic limestone structure is peppered with ordered rows of recessed windows that allow sweeping views of the campus while blocking direct sunlight, reducing summer cooling costs in the massive building. These window recesses, however, provided perfect little apartments […]

Bird Netting Keeps Birds Away from Dining Customers

Bird Netting Keeps Birds Away from Dining CustomersAruba Beach Restaurants Solve Pressing Bird Issue With StealthNet Bird Netting Imagine a beachside restaurant at a luxury hotel. Could be Hawaii, or the Caribbean, or maybe even the South Pacific. In this case it?s Aruba. You take a seat with your family for breakfast, relishing in what is about to be an enjoyable occasion; […]

Solar Panels Protected From Pigeons

Nevada PMP Uses Bird Barrier's Solar Panel Exclusion Kit for the first time Eric Clapper's residential customer had a problem on their roof; pigeons were roosting, making noise and tearing out the delicate wiring underneath an expensive solar panel array. The Senske Pest Control manager met with his customer and explained that they should tackle […]

StealthNet HVAC Poles Prevent Pigeon Deposits At Bank

More than 10 years ago, Charles King of King Pest Control in Edmond, OK installed a StealthNet bird netting system over the HVAC units on the roof of this mid-rise bank building to prevent pigeon nesting. The bank recently decided to replace the roof and HVAC units, so they asked King to move the bird […]

Dura-­Spike Bird Spikes Solve Problems Large and Small

The nice thing about Bird Barrier's Dura-Spike bird spikes is that it is fast and easy to install on both large and small jobs. Because it can be glued or screwed to both flat and curved surfaces, it is an ideal solution for pigeons in non-nesting environments. Take for example the two jobs done recently […]

Costly Maintenance Problem Solved with OvoControl

Costly Maintenance Problem Solved with OvoControlSite Description Located in Laughlin, NV, Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino is situated on the Colorado River. The expansive hotel includes 1,400 rooms in a high rise structure. In addition to a large casino and parking facilities, the hotel offers an RV park adjacent to the hotel. The Problem For years, pigeons were […]

StealthNet Keeps the Swallows Out

StealthNet Keeps the Swallows OutStealthNet jobs can be large and daunting, but that's not always the case. Swallows were building their nests under the eaves of this home. Once the nests are built, it is against the law to remove them until they're unoccupied. The key to a nest-free building is to prevent access to the area(s) where they're […]

No More Droppings Down the Chimney Thanks to Bird-Shock

No More Droppings Down the Chimney Thanks to Bird-ShockThe owner of a large residence with five chimneys wanted an invisible solution to their bird problem. Birds were perching on the edges of the chimneys and making a mess down the sides. The installer showed the homeowner Bird Barrier's Bird-Shock Flex-Track and Dura-Spike. Each product had its advantages: Bird-Shock would be invisible from the […]

OvoControl P Protects Chemical Plant

OvoControl P Protects Chemical PlantSouth Carolina has a highly developed chemical manufacturing industry. Chemical plants are typically characterized by large scope and extensive facilities and structures. ?All Things Nature,? a pest control service provider based in Easley, SC developed a plan to manage pigeons at one of these facilities. The plant is relatively isolated from other commercial or residential […]

School Is Out for the Birds

School Is Out for the BirdsThe school is located across from several bus stops where people were feeding the birds, enticing them to stay in the area. The birds roosted on the school's roof ledges leaving a mess below. Because the school's facade is almost entirely windows, the maintenance staff faced the daily task of cleaning them. The company who […]

Residence Evicts Unpaid Tenants

Residence Evicts Unpaid TenantsMany outside features of this home were populated by pigeons. Location: West Coast Structure: Two-Story Home Type of Bird(s): Pigeon Problem: Birds were roosting on the chimney, skylights and gutters of this house. Customer Perspective: The homeowners have young children and were worried about the health hazards caused by birds and their feces. Birdwire bases […]

Recycling Plant Sends Birds Packing

Recycling Plant Sends Birds PackingThis recycling plant refused to deal with bird waste any longer. Structure: Recycling plant Problem: Bird droppings on facade Product Used: Eagle Eye Seagulls were roosting on the ledge and roof of this building. Eagle Eyes were installed at the building corners and Flex-Track along the ledges. After just a short period, the birds left […]

Birds Excluded from Canopy

Birds Excluded from CanopyThis petrol stop's canopy was host to many birds and their doings. Structure: Gas station canopy Problem: Accumulation of droppings Product Used: StealthNet This gas station canopy was covered in bird carcasses and droppings, adding weight that could cause problems in the future. Supports were also installed around the perimeter of the canopy. Cable is […]

Pyramid Protected

Pyramid ProtectedThis architectural marvel was given a facelift to prevent future problems. Structure: Metal pyramid over store Problem: Droppings on glass Product Used: Flex-Track A large pyramid made from tubular steel straddles an all-glass building. The pyramid has a starling problem, and also is badly need of a repaint. This photo clearly shows the wood platforms […]

Swimming Pool or Bird Bath?

Swimming Pool or Bird Bath?This indoor pool was victim to outdoor pests. Structure: Indoor pool with retractable roof Problem: Birds roosting in rafters Product Used: StealthNetThe facility is a large Olympic size pool that has a roof that is designed to move back and forth on a giant rail system. Unfortunately for the swimmers below, a day at the […]

Modern Building Maintains Sleek Image

Modern Building Maintains Sleek ImageMore than 100 rolls (5,000 feet) of Bird-Shock Flex-Track were installed on this building. More than 20 chargers were utilized based on the configuration and zone design. Two men installed the entire system in about two weeks. Structure: Aluminm-faced high-rise Problem: Pigeons roosting on balcony ledges Product Used: Flex-TrackWhat looks like a beautiful, new building […]

Birds Pull Out of this Garage

Birds Pull Out of this GaragePest starlings and pigeons found a new home in the 28,000 square foot heated ceiling area of a hospital parking garage. It was important to keep the areas above the garage warm so that areas located above the parking garage could remain heated during the winter months. Structure: Hospital parking deck Problem: Birds nesting on […]

Apartment Building Evicts Unwanted Residents

Apartment Building Evicts Unwanted ResidentsA large apartment building in Japan was overrun by pigeons. They were nesting on balconies and making a mess of clean laundry on clothes lines. When they built nests on the balcony floors, they would aggressively protect their space. Something had to be done. Structure: Apartment building Problem: Birds nesting on balconies Product Used: StealthNet […]

Birds Will Be Singing a New Tune About this Amphitheater

Birds Will Be Singing a New Tune About this AmphitheaterA new amphitheater with a full spring and summer schedule had birds roosting and nesting on the beams above the stage overhang, creating unsanitary and unsightly conditions on the walls and floors of the stage. Structure: Amphitheater Problem: Roosting birds left mess on stage Product Used: StealthNet To stop birds from entering the space inside […]

Hospital Faces Down Disease Threat from Outside the Facility

Hospital Faces Down Disease Threat from Outside the FacilityThis monument to health will no longer be a nest of foul fowl diseases. Structure: Hospital Product Used: StealthNet Location: Southwest Problem: More than 50 pigeons had been nesting on wide ledges of this hospital courtyard which attracted attracted parasites to the area. Impact: Droppings, nesting materials and parasites were fouling the building. More than […]

Starling Performance Less Than Sterling at Equestrian Center

Starling Performance Less Than Sterling at Equestrian CenterEquestrian Center requires StealthNet installation for startling Starling damage. Structure: Equestrian center Problem: Starlings roosting on roof beams Product Used: 3/4-inch white StealthNet Location: Southeast Type of Bird(s): Starlings Impact: Droppings on ground below, spectators and even the horses. Nesting materials falling from above. From this view, nobody could imagine the mess caused by birds […]

Rooftop Renegades Run Roughshod over Office Building

Rooftop Renegades Run Roughshod over Office BuildingRooftop ventilation system is amassed with fowl deposits. Structure: Office building Problem: Droppings covered HVAC equipment Product Used: StealthNet Birds have been leaving their “calling cards” on the rooftop and satellite dish for many years. The roofing material was being damaged by them and their actions. Workers were forced to deal with unhealthy situations. StealthNet […]

Extra Ingredients in Bakery's Air Supply

Extra Ingredients in Bakery's Air SupplyThis job came to the attention of the installer when another installer from the same office was providing regular Pest control service for a contract customer. Structure: HVAC units on roof Problem: Birds roosting on and under HVAC systems, located in a pit. Product Used: 3/4-inch black StealthNet Location: Southwest Structure: Office building Type of […]