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Bird Barrier Will Help You Solve Your Bird Problems

Birds on your home or boat can be an eyesore, a real mess, and in some cases can cause real damage. Bird Barrier® products are installed on thousands of homes worldwide, and are ideal for do-it-yourselfers. They can also be installed by a local Certified Installer.

A Product for Every Problem

No matter the season, no matter the bird, Bird Barrier has the right product to meet your bird exclusion needs. Combine that with our staff of seasoned veterans and you'll get the right solution every time.

Do It Yourself

Bird Barrier has a selection of easy-to-install kits ideal for solving bird problems on residential property and boats.
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Ask the Experts

Bird Barrier has a team of bird control experts to help you determine what products will solve your customer's problem. Call us from 8am to 8pm EST, 5am to 5pm PST or send us an e-mail.
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Boat Owners

Bird Barrier offers products designed specifically for boat owners.
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Find an Installer

Bird Barrier has a nationwide network of professional, certified professionals who can sanitze your property and install bird control systems.
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Identify Birds

Proper identification is very important as certain products are species-specific. Never underestimate the commitment of birds to return to their home.
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