Scare Devices

Bird Barrier's selection of scare devices includes audio, visual and taste deterrents. Audio deterrents use a variety of species-specfic distress signals and predator calls to send a danger alert to other birds in the area. Visual deterrents include reflective devices and bird decoys to frighten birds from a site. Taste deterrents employ flavors and scents to repel birds.
Where to Use:Where long-term exclusion products are not an option, like open air food courts, some roof settings, etc.
Target Bird:Varies depending upon device. Generally, targets are smaller birds like sparrows and starlings and sometimes crows and geese.
Bird Pressure:Light - Medium
Expertise Level:Easy

Scare Devices Information

Audio Deterrents

Visual Deterrents

Taste Deterrents

Bird Barrier offers a variety of Audio Deterrents to repel specific bird species Among them are the Bird Gard Pro programmable electronic repeller that uses a variety of species-specific distress signals and predator calls to send a "danger" alert to other birds in the area and the Zon Gun lightweight, portable, propane-fired cannon that emits automatic thunderclaps that deter birds and other nuisance wildlife.

Among the Visual Deterrent selection are products like Scare Eye Balloons with bright colors that appear threatening to birds, Away with Geese light unit that disrupts geese's ability to sleep and Scare Spiders that moves when activated by sound.

Fog Force and Migrate Taste Deterrents discourage birds by dispensing flavors that birds inhale or eat.


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