OvoControl® P

OvoControl P® is a specially formulated bait that interferes with the hatchability of eggs from pigeons.
Where to Use:Large sites like refineries, power plants, paper mills, airports, malls, food processing plants, parks, campuses
Target Bird:Pigeons
Bird Pressure:All pressure levels
Material:General use pesticide, doesn't hurt birds, just stops eggs from hatching. Like birth control for pigeons.
Installation:Install automatic feeder on flat rooftops
Expertise Level:Easy
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OvoControl® P Information

OvoControl® P is a specially formulated bait that interferes with the hatchability of eggs from pigeons. OvoControl® P contains nicarbazin, an active ingredient originally developed to prevent an enteric disease in chickens. Registered by EPA, OvoControl® P is approved for use in pigeons, geese and ducks.

How OvoControl® P Works

Recently published research has shown that the active ingredient inhibits the ZP3 sperm receptor sites on the vitelline membrane to prevent the fertilization of eggs. Sperm are effectively prevented from fertilizing the egg and therefore no embryo is ever formed.

OvoControl is Humane

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), as well as other animal welfare groups, support the use of non-lethal technology to moderate the populations of pigeons. Left unchecked, pigeon numbers in a local flock can grow very rapidly. Bird Barrier's egg hatch control technology enhances the quality of life for pigeon populations while controlling their numbers. The effects of OvoControl are analogous to spaying and castration programs in domestic animals, except that OvoControl is reversible.

OvoControl is Effective

Under ideal conditions, with all pigeons in the area consuming the appropriate dose during the breeding season, the expected outcome is no new pigeons. The average lifespan of a pigeon is 2 to 4 years, although the population turnover through predation and disease is very high. The objective for OvoControl® P is to minimize the hatchability of pigeon eggs. Studies conducted in the United States and Italy show the population of pigeons declining by 50% within the first year and the lower population density dominated by adult birds. The rate of decline is estimated at 5% per month.

When to use OvoControl® P

OvoControl® P baiting can begin at anytime during the reproductive season. Pigeon reproduction is concentrated in the spring through fall although, depending on the climate, they can reproduce throughout the year. With adequate food, water and nesting sites, pigeons can hatch eggs as often as six times a year.

OvoControl® P Feeder Placement

Ideally, bait is offered in the early morning on urban rooftops in the areas where pigeons are nesting or feeding. For more permanent feeding installations, Bird Barrier® offers automated feeders to ease the labor and manpower burden of daily feeding.

Calculating the Cost of an OvoControl Program

There are just two variables to consider in calculating the cost of a pigeon contraception program, a) automatic feeder(s), and, b) the OvoControl bait.

1) Automatic Feeder(s)
These machines are indespensible for commercial programs and remove most of the labor burden from daily baiting. Extremely dependable and durable, the feeder automatically triggers at a pre-programed time and duration each morning to dispense the appropriate quantity of OvoControl for the flock. Assume that each feeder will accomodate approximately 150 pigeons.

2) OvoControl Bait
OvoControl is applied at a rate of 1 pound (16 ounces) of bait per 80 pigeons, daily. Therefore, as a starting point, divide the number of birds in the flock by 80 to estimate the initial quantity of bait required. For example, 100 birds require 100/80 or 1.25lbs of bait daily, at the very beginning of the program.

Bait requirements decline in parallel to the pigeon population. Therefore, following the gradual reduction, after 12 months on the program, pigeon numbers have been reduced to 50 and the bait requirement reduced to 50/80 or 0.625lbs, per day. The following table provides an illustration:

Number of Pigeons 50 100 120 160 200
Lbs. of OvoControl per day (month 1) 0.625 1.25 1.5 2 2.5
Cost @ $6.25 per lb. $3.90 $7.81 $9.38 $12.50 $15.63

In other words, due to the declining number of pigeons, the cost of the baiting program declines at a rate of approximately 50%, annually. In the example of 100 pigeons, the average monthly cost of the program declines from $171/month to just $85/month in year 2.
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