Eagle Eye™ & Flash Flag

Eagle Eye and Flash Flag harmlessly deter birds from unwanted areas by making use of light beams reflected from direct sunlight or artificial light.
Where to Use:Open areas where birds can't be controlled with other products; parking lots, roof-tops, agricultural settings.
Target Bird:All species
Bird Pressure:Light - Medium
Material:Durable ABS Plastic, aluminum and galvanized steel.
Installation:Screw the base to the building surface
Expertise Level:Easy

Eagle Eye™ & Flash Flag Information

Silver Hat: Pigeons, Gulls and some other species

Red Hat: Primarily Seagulls

Wind Powered Eagle Eye

Flash Flag

How They Work

The Eagle Eye and Flash Flag are optical bird scare devices that harmlessly deter birds from unwanted areas by making use of light beams reflected from direct sunlight. The reflective surfaces send beams around in a menacing pattern. The light spectrum reflected back by the Eagle Eye and Flash Flag disorients birds in flight by limiting their vision significantly. This causes the bird to deviate in flight and fly to another destination.

The Eagle Eye and Flash Flag System

The system has evolved from the original "motorized" Eagle Eyes to a family that now includes the "wind-powered" Eagle Eyes and the Flash Flags that flash based on air movement. This system allows for more complete coverage at lower cost. Our technical team can help position the family of products directly on satellite photos.


The Eagle Eyes and Flash Flags reflect light and are effective in a line-of-sight area. In agricultural settings (without many obstacles), the Eagle Eyes can be 150-300 feet apart, and the Flash Flags about 50 feet apart. On buildings with different elevations and shade from other buildings they may need to be closer together. It is recommended that at least two units are used to help protect the shadow areas behind (opposite the direction of the sun.

Powering the Eagle Eye Unit

Eagle Eyes are powered by wind or a 12 v. motor. The motorized version can be powered directly from a Solar Panel making it adaptable for different locations. A wide variety of brackets and lights are available to mount to any surface.


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