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Material Estimator: An Easier Way to Get the Job Done

Material Estimator is an interactive web tool from Bird Barrier that's designed to save you time as well and take some of the frustration away at calculating what you need on your new projects.

You'll notice right away when you first use the tool how simple it's laid out. To create a new project, you just select "add project" on the left side of the screen. You then enter in name of your project, and you are taken to a new screen that lets you add multiple problem areas. Once you enter in one or more problem areas, for example "front ledge", you then select your product type. Product types include our most popular products, including StealthNet, Bird-Flite and Flex-Track.

Here's where the real magic happens. Based on the product type you've selected, you'll next be asked a few simple questions, such as length and width of the area, to calculate precisely what you need for your project. Accessories will also be suggested that are needed to complete the project, so you can rest assured you won't forget about tools or supplies like drill bits or net ring crimp tools.

These items are then added to your cart. Finally you can click on report to view a summary of the entire project's materials, which would include all problem areas you've identified. Finally you confirm you're content with the project, view the total cost, and the items are then added to your cart.

All projects are saved so you have historical information at your fingertips that you can refer back to at anytime. The project list also lets you sort by date, price and more, which lets you easily find what you're looking for anytime. It doesn't get much easier than this.

Let's take a brief example. I'm working on a bank building so I would first login to Bird Barrier, click on Material Estimator, and then enter my new project name as "Bank Building". I have one problem area so I enter "Front Ledge", and I'm then taken into the product selector. I select "Bird-Flite", enter a few calculations and then I'm told precisely what is needed. The tool even suggests purchasing a caulking gun, which is great because it turns out I needed one and would have forgotten about it otherwise. I review the report which lets me see at a glance all my items and how much everything costs, and I'm done.

Now you have an idea how easy it is to use Material Estimator and the time it can save you. Aside from being dead easy to use, it keeps you organized on all your future projects.

This online tool can help you generate job estimates for the most common jobs that you will find. Watch the short video for a detailed walk-through of the features, then simply log in and try it for yourself. Remember, if at any time you need help using the estimator, have more involved installations, or just want to speak to one our our professional sales associates, we are always just a phone call away at (800) 503-5444.