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The Bird Barrier Catalog:
An Essential Companion to Get the Job Done

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The Bird Barrier® Product Catalog has everything you would expect in a catalog, but so much more. Inside you will find troves of information at your fingertips designed to save you time on your projects.

In the first section of the catalog, you are presented a summary of all the barrier types carried by Bird Barrier®, such as Total Exclusion, Ledge Products and more. This provides you a basic understanding of the products and terminology. The catalog also helps you determine visually what the bird species is, and what products work best as a barrier against them. All of this helpful information is laid out visually with colour photographs to provide guidance.

For example, with the catalog's assistance you can quickly identify that your problem bird is a woodpecker based on the corresponding photograph of it. The catalog's woodpecker entry would inform you that for woodpeckers, you can use either woodpecker paint additive on structures, add audio or visual deterrents, or use Stealthnet based on your environment.

The catalog acts as an offline guide to Bird Barrier's® web site, providing you an explanation of the Material Estimator tool, links to helpful videos, Bird Barrier's contact information and more. This way you can easily find information on the live site when you need additional detail. Better still, you can take the catalog with you on every job. Just load it up on your iPad, laptop or take the hardcopy catalog with you, and you have a convenient reference guide to keep handy at your side.

The catalog provides a detailed explanation of each product including technical specifications, warranty details, helpful tips such as spacing information, product advantages and photographs of how the product appears after it is installed. Detailed information about the accessories you may need for product installation is also provided. This has the added benefit of being able to quickly show customers information about the product you're installing and let them view how it looks after it is installed.

The catalog is also a timesaver for telling you precisely what the item code is based on your configuration requirement. So for example, if you were installing StealthNet with a size requirement of 100 x 100 ft., black color, in 3/4 in. standard, a helpful table will tell you that you need item N1-B310. No more having to search endlessly for item codes!

The Bird Barrier® Catalog is everything you need in to get the job done efficiently. It can be easily downloaded or ordered online now from the Bird Barrier® web site. Make sure to grab this essential catalog right away.