Daddi Long Legs do the job

An airport parking lot in New York was experiencing a major problem with seagulls. The birds were roosting on the light fixtures afterward. This started to become a problem as bird strikes increased at the airport. A bird strike is the collision of a bird and aircraft, usually with the engine. This a safety threat to the passengers. DaddiLL Close LgThe maintenance crew at the airport parking lot contacted a bird control company that they had used in the past. The crew already knew what they wanted to use; Bird Barrier’s Daddi Long Legs could solve their problem.

Daddi Long Legs are stainless steel rods that rotate in the breeze and wave menacingly, interfering with birds’ wings as they attempt to land. This product is ideal for protecting light fixtures and HVAC units where the seagulls were roosting.


The bird control company used a bucket truck to access the light fixtures and install the Daddi Long Legs. About 80-100 Daddi Long Legs of our various sizes of 4,6, and 8 feet were used on this two person job. The job took about 65 hours and the customer was very pleased with the results.


Daddi Long Legs are ideal for seagulls and larger birds in light-medium pressure situations. The plastic base can be screwed into most surfaces and a PVC base adapter is available for glue-on applications. When placed together in groups, make sure to overlap the tips between 4-6 inches.

Daddi Long Legs are practically invisible in the distance as you can see in the picture. Following our trend of humane products, the plastic tips prevent injury to birds and humans alike.

You can even place Daddi Long Legs on areas of your boat that are being attacked by birds!


Bird Railing Mount
– Great for when the railing on the boat is being used as a perch.
Boat Base– The adapter attaches to the Daddi Long Legs base which is then attached to the boat with a bungee  cord or rope.
Sandbag Base-The weighted sandbag base can be used in areas where the standard base is not appropriate.

Need more information or have a unique situation and curious if Daddi Long Legs will work for you? Don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff at 800-503-5444, email us at or visit our website.

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