Seagulls in the winter?

With the cold weather approaching, you would think all birds would be flying south. Unfortunately, for a townhouse complex in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, hundreds, if not thousands of seagulls are flocking to the rooftops of the development. The town recently held a meeting to discuss the situation and how to resolve it.

“At least 25 residents came out to the Tinton Falls Borough Council meeting on Tuesday to relay to officials the scary details of trying to live their lives surrounded by the feathered interlopers, which includes feces-covered cars, patios and furniture and children unable to play outside,” reported Amy Brynes from the Eatontown-Tinton Falls Patch.

The situation has become so severe that the odor permeating from the bird droppings has caused the residents to shut their windows. The main source of the the seagull’s stay is the neighboring landfill and the Monmouth Regional Health Commission is doing everything they can to eliminate any type of food source.

“In a natural environment they are wonderful things,” a resident said of the gulls, “Here, they present a health hazard.”

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