Employee Spotlight: Scott Smith

scottsmithbScott Smith is Bird Barrier’s longest employee, a seasoned professional and the heart and soul of the Bird Barrier inventory warehouse system. Scott started with Bird Barrier in 1994. His brother’s girlfriend was the receptionist. A big shipment needed unloading and some help was required. Theresa said her boyfriend’s younger brother could come by and help unload. He’s been here ever since, and is now Bird Barrier’s longest serving employee.

As a warehouse manager, Scott inspects and verifies every order to insure accuracy and quality. Knowing how critical each project is, Scott also makes sure all the components that are needed to complete projects are included in the order. He gets along with everyone and has a smile on his face everyday. If you’re in a bad mood you can be sure he will do something to try and make you laugh or brighten up your day. Scott is married and has one son.

Bedecked in his signature grey hoodie–regardless of outside temperature–Scooter can sling insults with the best of them while maintaining a wink of irreverence that keeps everyone on their toes. Scott exemplifies the kind of support that is needed for success in the business of pest bird management. Scott is the soul of Bird Barrier!