What happens when birds don’t migrate.

A month ago we posted a story of trapped migrating birds during the 9/11 Memorial in New York. NPR has published a very interesting story on current bird migration patterns. Here is an excerpt from the story:

“No question migrating birds are answering a command of nature, but now the bad news: There is growing evidence that the wiring is off; the system is breaking down. “Simply stated,” says Princeton professor David Wilcove, “the phenomenon of migration is disappearing around the world. The great salmon runs of the Pacific Northwest have been reduced to a trickle…Monarch butterflies are threatened by illegal logging of the Mexican forests where they winter.”  More and more studies show fewer creatures are migrating and those who more often don’t make it. There is now easy way to address this problem.”

Like our report of the trapped birds in New York, NPR’s article suggests that there are more and more road blocks in the way of a birds journey.

Follow this link to read the whole article: Migratory Blues: When Birds don’t Fly South