Employee Spotlight: Amanda Siravo


Amanda, a customer service representative at Bird Barrier,  is one of the most positive people you will ever come across. She treats every call to Bird Barrier as a pure joy to talk to the customer on the other end of the phone. Amanda is very detail oriented, she is very thorough in her paperwork and can always get the customer the answer they are looking for. Amanda is easy to manage, she is always two steps ahead of where she needs to be. Her colleagues admire her patience, and eagerness to help. She possesses all the qualities needed for excellent customer service. She’s always on time, responsible and ready to work, making her an exceptional and valuable employee in the company. With her positive attitude, she is loved by everyone in the office.

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Bank lot gets clean up with Tree Shock

Sometimes business is just right in front of you. Will Langman of Langman Wildlife visits his bank regularly, in the town of Terrehaute, Indiana. He noticed the huge amount of bird droppings on their lot. Will had a bold plan; he offered to install Tree-Shock Bird Repellent System on two trees, no cure no pay. […]

Mist Net solves bird problem for food processing plant

A food processing facility in Texas recently moved into a new building, a high warehouse. Since doors were left open during work hours, sparrows managed to fly in to the facility. Raw materials and food are being processed in this facility, so the Health Department officials demanded a solution for this problem. Tom Regner, owner […]


The 2017 Bird Barrier catalog is here!


Bird Barrier will mail its world renowned catalog this month. Know for it’s clear descriptions, wonderful photography and how-to tips, the catalog is a staple in the toolboxes of successful bird control professionals the world over. We’re sure you’ll agree that this year’s cover is one of the most creative we’ve ever put out. Like […]

Employee Spotlight: Scott Smith

Scott Smith is Bird Barrier’s longest employee, a seasoned professional and the heart and soul of the Bird Barrier inventory warehouse system. Scott started with Bird Barrier in 1994. His brother’s girlfriend was the receptionist. A big shipment needed unloading and some help was required. Theresa said her boyfriend’s younger brother could come by and […]