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You have enough headaches with your facility, but pest birds don't need to be one of them. Bird Barrier's® products protect thousands of buildings around the world, and can solve your problems now. Our staff will advise you on how to pick the best products, and can recommend a local Certified Installer who will give you a free evaluation and quotation.

A Product for Every Problem

No matter the season, no matter the bird, Bird Barrier® has the right product to meet your bird exclusion needs. Combine that with our staff of seasoned veterans and you'll get the right solution every time. Stick around to learn more about the technical aspects of installing our products, or jump right in to the product pages.

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Bird Barrier® has a nationwide network of professional, certified installers who can sanitze your property and install bird control systems. We'll get you connected.
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Send us photos of your bird problem and we will help you identify the solution. We offer some systems that your maintenance staff easily can install themselves.
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Bird Barrier® has a team of bird control experts to help you determine what products will solve your customer's problem. Call us from 8am to 8pm Eastern, 5am to 5pm Pacific or send us an e-mail.
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Identify Birds

Proper identification is very important as certain products are species-specific. Never underestimate the commitment of birds to return to their home.
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Bird Barrier's® catalog features our comprehensive line of humane, discreet bird control products. We offer it in print and online. Request a copy or download it today.
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Introducing New Bird-Shock Quick Connectors

Bird Barrier has upgraded the Bird-Shock Flex-Track product range with the addition of new straight and corner connectors: Bird-Shock Quick Connectors.   Made from durable, UV-stabilized plastic with positive locking tabs, the new Flex-Track Quick Connectors will not spontaneously open; neither will they deteriorate even in the harshest environments. Like the Bird-Shock track itself, the […] ...

StealthNet HVAC Poles Prevent Pigeon Deposits At Bank

More than 10 years ago, Charles King of King Pest Control in Edmond, OK installed a StealthNet bird netting system over the HVAC units on the roof of this mid-rise bank building to prevent pigeon nesting. The bank recently decided to replace the roof and HVAC units, so they asked King to move the bird […] ...

Inventory Protected Using Bird Barrier's StealthNet

Inventory Protected Using Bird Barrier's StealthNetFor more than five years, starling and sparrow droppings created a mess on inventory being delivered to a loading dock. Each day, 15 – 20 trucks arrived to deliver supplies to this university in the southeast. The overhang provided shelter to the birds, whose debris landed on deliveries and campus police vehicles. The maintenance staff […] ...

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