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Bird Traps - EZ Catch Bird Traps

EZ Catch Bird Traps A single-catch closing net bird trap for placing flat on the ground, on walls, sides of buildings, or trees. Ideal for wood peckers, starlings, pigeons, and other individual birds that can be baited.

Bird Traps - Laser Traps

Laser Traps Our laser traps feature infrared microprocessor-based electronic sensors to detect birds and activate the trapdoor automatically.

Bird Traps - Pigeon Traps

Pigeon Traps

Traps for pigeons. Available with optional feeder, waterer, and shade.

Bird Traps - Sparrow Traps

Sparrow Traps Our line of sparrow traps includes a design cleverly mimicking a traditional birdhouse.

Bird Traps - Starling Traps

Starling Traps

The heavy duty cage features 1/4 and 1 rod frame and 14 gauge welded wire with a V-top. It assembles easily and breaks down in minutes. This trap consists of 15 panels.