Rooftop HVAC

Protecting Rooftop HVAC Units

Bird feces and nesting materials can clog ventilation units and worse spread airborne diseases throughout the buildings, threatening the health of the occupants.

Most Effective Products


The strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system.StealthNet denies pest birds access to any architecture.
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Daddi Long Legs

Unique design deters gulls, pigeons, and other large birds, from landing in open spaces.
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OvoControl P

Effectively controls the reproduction of treated birds. Registered by EPA and approved by all 50 states.
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Eagle Eye

Deters birds from unwanted areas by reflecting light beams disorienting birds.
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Getting A Good Work Out

Getting A Good Work OutBird Barrier?s StealthNet, Bird-Shock Flex-Track and Dura-Spike Protect a High-End Health Club. Read more and see the video of this project here: At a four-story fitness center in Southern California, birds had found their comfort zone. A relocation strategy based on Bird Barrier products restored the roof top experience for gym members. Seagulls and pigeons […] ...

Rooftop Renegades Run Roughshod over Office Building

Rooftop Renegades Run Roughshod over Office BuildingRooftop ventilation system is amassed with fowl deposits. Structure: Office building Problem: Droppings covered HVAC equipment Product Used: StealthNet Birds have been leaving their “calling cards” on the rooftop and satellite dish for many years. The roofing material was being damaged by them and their actions. Workers were forced to deal with unhealthy situations. StealthNet […] ...

Extra Ingredients in Bakery's Air Supply

Extra Ingredients in Bakery's Air SupplyThis job came to the attention of the installer when another installer from the same office was providing regular Pest control service for a contract customer. Structure: HVAC units on roof Problem: Birds roosting on and under HVAC systems, located in a pit. Product Used: 3/4-inch black StealthNet Location: Southwest Structure: Office building Type of […] ...

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