Protecting Retail Establishments

Image is everthing. A dirty sign, storefront or walkway presents the wrong image to customers. While protection from birds is important, discreet protection is essential.

Most Effective Products


The strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system.StealthNet denies pest birds access to any architecture.
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Bird-Shock Flex-Track

A low-profile ledge deterrent system that is effective against all species of pest birds.
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A spring-tensioned wire system designed to create an unstable landing area.
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The industry standard. Durable stainless steel spikes in Lexan base. Perfect for Pigeons or larger.
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Economical bird spike made from 100% Stainless Steel. Perfect for Pigeons or larger.
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Versatile, easy-to-use anti-perching system. Made of high-grade stainless steel.
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Shoppers Deal with Birds Overhead

Shoppers Deal with Birds OverheadThis shopping center's glass ceiling didn't stop birds from nesting above. Structure: Mall with glass roof Problem: Bird droppings visible to shoppers Product Used: Eagle Eye The glass roof of this shopping mall became a favorite roosting spot for birds. The glass was cleaned and prepared for the installation of Eagle Eyes. The birds themselves […] ...

Birds Excluded from Canopy

Birds Excluded from CanopyThis petrol stop's canopy was host to many birds and their doings. Structure: Gas station canopy Problem: Accumulation of droppings Product Used: StealthNet This gas station canopy was covered in bird carcasses and droppings, adding weight that could cause problems in the future. Supports were also installed around the perimeter of the canopy. Cable is […] ...

Pyramid Protected

Pyramid ProtectedThis architectural marvel was given a facelift to prevent future problems. Structure: Metal pyramid over store Problem: Droppings on glass Product Used: Flex-Track A large pyramid made from tubular steel straddles an all-glass building. The pyramid has a starling problem, and also is badly need of a repaint. This photo clearly shows the wood platforms […] ...

Pigeons Will No Longer Make Deposits at this Bank

Pigeons Will No Longer Make Deposits at this BankThis financial institute will no longer have habitual habitat problems thanks to the installation of our products. Structure: Bank Product Used: Bird-Shock Flex-Track Location: Pacific Northwest Type of Bird(s): Pigeon Impact: Droppings were damaging the log architecture. Installation Details: Affected surfaces were pressure washed before the installation. Bird-Shock Flex-Track was installed by one professional installer. […] ...

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