Open Spaces

Protecting Open Spaces

Bird problems in open areas like landfills, parks, rooftops, courtyards, parking lots and agricultural settings are challenging to say the least. Birds in trees can be impossible to deter until now. Bird Barrier offers solutions to this difficult scenario.

Most Effective Products


The strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system.StealthNet denies pest birds access to any architecture.
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Daddi Long Legs

Unique design deters gulls, pigeons, and other large birds, from landing in open spaces.
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OvoControl P

Effectively controls the reproduction of treated birds. Registered by EPA and approved by all 50 states.
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Eagle Eye

Deters birds from unwanted areas by reflecting light beams disorienting birds.
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Bird Traps

We offer a variety of traps for pigeons, sparrows and starlings, plus a remote trap.
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Girdwire can be suspended in various horizontal and vertical patterns to deter large aquatic birds.
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Bird Barrier Introduces New Sparrow Trap

Bird Barrier Introduces New Sparrow TrapBirds tend to occupy large retail stores because they offer so much food, water and harborage. Because of this, they can be difficult to attract to sparrow traps and new food sources. They quickly find hiding places and may even build nests indoors and create a breeding colony. Retail business owners will like the Sparrow […] ...

Pigeon Population Reduced from 200 to 5 with OvoControl

Pigeon Population Reduced from 200 to 5 with OvoControlSite Description Pima College is a community college located in Tucson, AZ. With nearly 10,000 students, the main campus has a challenging mix of open areas and structures. The Pigeon Problem Pima's main campus in the downtown area of Tucson consists of 11 large, low-rise buildings, expansive parking and tree canopies in a park-like setting. […] ...

Pest control operators jailed over misuse of poison in effort to control birds

Two pest control operators from the UK are said to be in jail after baiting bread around a park. The article from Metro.Co.Uk states that almost 90 birds and a dog were poisoned to death. The birds known to be affected include geese, moorhens, crows and pigeons. This unfortunate event is a reminder that all […] ...

Bird-Like spy planes

The Pentagon plans to create spy planes that are bird-like, having the ability to ?perch? and land on structures in the search area. ...

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