Protecting Hotels and Restaurants

Hospitality is all about making the customer feel at home. Birds, their nests and droppings present a dirty environment, which can drive customers away and attract the health department because this poses a food safety hazard.

Most Effective Products


The strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system.StealthNet denies pest birds access to any architecture.
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Bird-Shock Flex-Track

A low-profile ledge deterrent system that is effective against all species of pest birds.
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Eagle Eye

Deters birds from unwanted areas by reflecting light beams disorienting birds.
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The industry standard. Durable stainless steel spikes in Lexan base. Perfect for Pigeons or larger.
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Economical bird spike made from 100% Stainless Steel. Perfect for Pigeons or larger.
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Costly Maintenance Problem Solved with OvoControl

Costly Maintenance Problem Solved with OvoControlSite Description Located in Laughlin, NV, Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino is situated on the Colorado River. The expansive hotel includes 1,400 rooms in a high rise structure. In addition to a large casino and parking facilities, the hotel offers an RV park adjacent to the hotel. The Problem For years, pigeons were […] ...

Birds Pull Out of this Garage

Birds Pull Out of this GaragePest starlings and pigeons found a new home in the 28,000 square foot heated ceiling area of a hospital parking garage. It was important to keep the areas above the garage warm so that areas located above the parking garage could remain heated during the winter months. Structure: Hospital parking deck Problem: Birds nesting on […] ...

Swallows Must Find a New Holiday Location this Season

Swallows Must Find a New Holiday Location this SeasonThe hotel was infested with a Swallow population, with successful usage and installation of our products we were able to solve this problem. Structure: Hotel Problem: Swallows built mud nests under eaves Product Used: Bird-Shock Flex-TrackEach spring, hundreds of swallows would build their nests under the eaves of this hotel, where the wall butts up […] ...

Birds Take Flight Away from this Airport Hotel

Birds Take Flight Away from this Airport HotelThe signage of this getaway was inundated with a trifecta of bird difficulties. Structure: Hotel Problem: Birds roosting on hotel's sign Products Used: Bird-Shock Flex-Track and StealthNetA hotel located at an airport had a tremendous problem with pigeons, sparrows and starlings. Birds created huge problems on signs, ledges and inside mechanical louvers. After a thorough […] ...

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