Protecting Buildings

Your Building is Important to You, and to Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier's team of experts understands your building and it's needs because we've been doing this for nearly 20 years. An airplane hangar needs different solutions than a retail establishment, and we know how to answer your questions and get you the help you need.


Bird strikes have potentially fatal consequences. Keeping birds away from airports is especially important.
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Tall buildings present desireable places for birds to land and many places for them to roost.
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Bird feces are acidic and can damage the stone façades on historic buildings.
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Birds present a problem to busiesses like hotels and restaurants, as their droppings can create food hazards.
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Birds and their feces can carry diseases which poses a problem for medical facilities.
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Open Space

Open spaces like rooftops, courtyards, parking lots and agricultural settings can be particularly difficult to protect.
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Parking Structure/Lot

Bird droppings can damage car paint and create an unattractive image for retail parking areas.
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Do-It-Yourself bird control is often the answer for protecting homes. Select one of our easy-to-use kits.
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Image is important to retail establishments. Birds and their mess can drive away customers.
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Bird droppings in ventilation systems can pose a health hazard to building occupants.
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Protecting your building from birds might protect birds as well!

Birds occasionally crash into windows and leave marks. Check out these bird imprints left on windows: Bird Imprints Perhaps these homeowners could have used a visual bird deterrent, to protect their house and prevent birds from harming themselves. Shop for Visual Bird Deterrents ...

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