Protecting Buildings

Your Building is Important to You, and to Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier's team of experts understands your building and it's needs because we've been doing this for nearly 20 years. An airplane hangar needs different solutions than a retail establishment, and we know how to answer your questions and get you the help you need.


Bird strikes have potentially fatal consequences. Keeping birds away from airports is especially important.
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Tall buildings present desireable places for birds to land and many places for them to roost.
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Bird feces are acidic and can damage the stone façades on historic buildings.
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Birds present a problem to busiesses like hotels and restaurants, as their droppings can create food hazards.
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Birds and their feces can carry diseases which poses a problem for medical facilities.
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Open Space

Open spaces like rooftops, courtyards, parking lots and agricultural settings can be particularly difficult to protect.
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Parking Structure/Lot

Bird droppings can damage car paint and create an unattractive image for retail parking areas.
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Do-It-Yourself bird control is often the answer for protecting homes. Select one of our easy-to-use kits.
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Image is important to retail establishments. Birds and their mess can drive away customers.
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Bird droppings in ventilation systems can pose a health hazard to building occupants.
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Optical Gel; an important part of bird control at renovated hotel

In Phoenix downtown, the Renaissance Hotel underwent a huge renovation, it was a big project that lasted for 6 months. The site has had a problem with pigeons for many years, and with the renovation, management decided it was timeto fix this problem once and for all. They contacted Bird Barrier, who in turn gave […] ...

Installer Goes The Extra (Five) Miles With Dura-Spike Bird Spike

Installer Goes The Extra (Five) Miles With Dura-Spike Bird SpikeOne of Bird Barrier's factory-certified professional installers sent in these photos of a recent job in an industrial warehouse. Pigeons were perching in the piping and conduit running the length and breadth of a large warehouse. Factoring the size of the building, an exclusion strategy was a logistical nightmare and prohibitively expensive for the client. […] ...

Daddi Long Legs Keep Pigeons Off Rooftop In Sun Or Snow

A warehouse roof in New Hampshire was the site of a massive pigeon infestation. The only problem was that the heavy snows common in New England would make short work of a traditional exclusion array like StealthNet or GridWire. To keep the pigeons away, this installer opted to use a combination of Daddi Long Legs, […] ...

Pigeon Birth Control at Manufacturing Plants

OvoControl Offers Long-Term Pigeon Control One of the most popular places for an OvoControl contraception project is a pigeon-plagued manufacturing plant. Any kind of manufacturing will do, although places that produce heat – foundry, mill, rail maintenance, glass, etc. ? are often at the top of the list. Manufacturing facilities are often characterized by multiple […] ...

Birds Check Out of University Library Thanks to StealthNet

The University of Texas at Austin's Perry-Castaņeda Library building is a marvel of mid-century institutional design. The monolithic limestone structure is peppered with ordered rows of recessed windows that allow sweeping views of the campus while blocking direct sunlight, reducing summer cooling costs in the massive building. These window recesses, however, provided perfect little apartments […] ...

BirdSlide Makes Sure The Mounties Always Get Their Bird!

In recent years, Canada has become a bastion of modern architectural design.  From Vancouver's ubiquitous glass awnings to Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, Canadian buildings are getting shaken up more than a Los Angeles high-rise in the middle of an earthquake!  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police training depot in Regina, Saskatchewan is no exception to this […] ...

Airport Bird Control Using Bird-Shock Flex-Track

A municipal airport in the south drew up plans to renovate the building's facade. The airport's main sign already had Bird-Shock Flex-Track installed on it. Because of bird problems in other areas of the airport, Flex-Track was included in the blue print as a preemptive airport bird control measure. The facade's overhang includes dozens of […] ...

Dura-­Spike Bird Spikes Solve Problems Large and Small

The nice thing about Bird Barrier's Dura-Spike bird spikes is that it is fast and easy to install on both large and small jobs. Because it can be glued or screwed to both flat and curved surfaces, it is an ideal solution for pigeons in non-nesting environments. Take for example the two jobs done recently […] ...

Condos Plagued by Pigeons See Relief with OvoControl

Condos Plagued by Pigeons See Relief with OvoControlSite Description Ideally located in downtown Minneapolis, Loring Way is situated adjacent to a city park and in the vicinity of larger hotels, office buildings, parking garages and the convention center. A seven story structure, the facility includes 182 separately-owned units, each with its own private balcony. The Problem Pigeons Beginning with a resident flock […] ...

Costly Maintenance Problem Solved with OvoControl

Costly Maintenance Problem Solved with OvoControlSite Description Located in Laughlin, NV, Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino is situated on the Colorado River. The expansive hotel includes 1,400 rooms in a high rise structure. In addition to a large casino and parking facilities, the hotel offers an RV park adjacent to the hotel. The Problem For years, pigeons were […] ...

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