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Knowing the Species is Important

Proper identification is very important as certain products are species-specific. Never underestimate the commitment of pest birds to return to their home.

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Feral Pigeons are responsible for untold millions of dollars of damage each year in urban areas. The uric acid in their feces is highly corrosive.
» About Pigeons


Sparrows are often a nuisance in urban areas like manufacturing and food processing plants. Gutters and drainage pipes clogged with sparrow nests can backup causing water damage.
» About Sparrows


Crows can overwhelm trees, creating a lot of noise and harassing people/animals in the area which can be a nuisance to suburban residents.
» About Crows


Grackles are aggressive birds who colonize in large numbers. They can be found at dump sites, food courts and other areas where food is present.
» About Grackles


Canada Geese are increasingly becoming the scourge of suburbia as their numbers have grown in the past decade from only a few thousand to hundreds of thousands.
» About Geese


Gulls are scavenging birds; they will eat everything from garbage to mice and insects. Flocks can create hazardous conditions to low-flying aircraft.
» About Gulls


Starlings rank just behind pigeons and sparrows as an urban bird pest. When the bird is in its flocking phase, thousands of starlings often overwhelm buildings and trees.
» About Starlings


Swallows can be a nuisance in suburban areas due to their nesting habits. The mud nests damage and deface the outer walls and eaves of buildings.
» About Swallows

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vultures are known to attack roofs, caulking and other exterior surfaces causing extensive damage, and leave bones and carcasses.
» About Turkey Vultures


Woodpeckers can be a nuisance in wooded regions of the country, primarily from the drumming sound they produce when pecking at trees and the sides of wood buildings.
» About Woodpeckers


Protecting your building from birds might protect birds as well!

Birds occasionally crash into windows and leave marks. Check out these bird imprints left on windows: Bird Imprints Perhaps these homeowners could have used a visual bird deterrent, to protect their house and prevent birds from harming themselves. Shop for Visual Bird Deterrents ...

Blackbirds falling from the sky, again!?

The same time last year, we had written about thousands of blackbirds falling from the sky in Arkansas. So, who would have thought this would occur again? In celebration of New Year's Eve, residents set off fireworks. It is believed that the noise made the birds stressed and disoriented causing them to crash into buildings […] ...

Birds Crash Land

In St. George, Utah thousands of migratory birds plummeted to their deaths after mistaking snow covered areas for bodies of water. About 1,500 birds had died, while around 3,000 were rescued by volunteers and the local wildlife program. “The storm clouds over the top of the city lights made it look like a nice, flat […] ...

The Misunderstood Crow

Did you know that crows are incredibly intelligent? They are right on par with the chimpanzee, as these two animals share the same ability as humans to make and use tools. An example of their intelligence is that they will drop shelled nuts up in the air and down to the pavement in order to […] ...

Pest Bird: Woodpecker

About the Woodpecker *The brain is protected by a spongy elastic material which keeps them from getting injured when pecking *Their beaks can strike around 20 times per second *There are 200 different species of woodpeckers *Commonly found in wooded regions *Body is designed to easily cling to trees *“Drumming” against trees is done to […] ...

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