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At Bird Barrier® we realize that you, our customers, are our most important asset. We'll always do our best to promptly meet your needs whether it's shipping an order or answering your questions about our products and how to use them. We enjoy hearing from you, so please feel free to contact us. Se habla Español.

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Bird Control

Bird Barrier® is America's leading manufacturer and supplier of pest bird control products. We specialize in urban bird control to remove pest birds humanely and effectively.

In business since 1993, Bird Barrier® America has led the way with innovative technologies designed to prevent birds from landing, roosting or nesting. Our main offices are located in Carson, CA with an East Coast shipping center situated in East Rutherford, NJ.

Our best selling bird control product is our Bird-Flite bird spikes. Stainless steel construction ensures an extensive and effective service life for protection against pigeons and similarly sized nuisance birds.

Bird Barrier® also introduced the first electrical shock system designed to keep birds off surfaces. Stealthnet is our brand of bird netting that is used for total exclusion. Impenetrable by birds, it creates a barrier that is extremely effective and minimally visible. An attractive bird control option for aesthetically sensitive applications.

Birdwire, Bird-Coil, Daddi Long Legs, and BirdSlide are products that we offer that work great to control pigeons, starlings, sparrows, grackles, geese, gulls, crows, and swallows.

Our sister site for open space bird control will provide a wealth of information regarding new technologies designed to work where other systems can't. Please visit Eagle Eye Bird.

The entire team at Bird Barrier® would like to thank you for your business and would like to remind you that we are here to help, from 8am - 8pm EST by calling 1-800-NO-BIRDS. We look forward to solving your pest bird control problems.


Gridwire Protects Fish Processing Facility

Gridwire Protects Fish Processing FacilityAn historic building in a busy fishing port had an infestation of gulls on its roof. Hundreds, even thousands of birds would loaf on the flat roof and create a massive mess of droppings, feathers, and fish bones. Clearly a significant effort was required to resolve this problem. The facility?s owners wanted a long-term solution, […]

Bird-Coil and StealthNet Protect San Francisco Auto Dealership

Bird-Coil and StealthNet Protect San Francisco Auto DealershipThe high-end auto dealership in the photos had two different kinds of pigeon problems. First, pigeons were loafing on the upper parapet cap and making a mess on the roof and sidewalks below. Second, they were roosting and nesting on the metal structure that supported fabric panels on the sides of the building. The sidewalk […]

Bird Barrier?s StealthNet solves bird problem on State of Texas Capital Building

Bird Barrier?s StealthNet solves bird problem on State of Texas Capital BuildingTown Lake Construction, a bird control installer from Austin, Texas, installed Bird Barrier's StealthNet bird netting on the South and North entrances of the State of Texas Capital Building. This historical building was having issues with pigeons and sparrows. A 135′ boom-lift was incorporated with scaffolding for access. Because of the historical aspect of this […]

Stealthnet Protects Student Housing at University Campus

Stealthnet Protects Student Housing at University CampusDon Walton from Orkin does maintenance Pest work with a university in Virginia. Recently they told him about a bird problem they were dealing with; pigeons were nesting on the balcony of a student?s housing complex. The ?Honors? student housing to be precise. They were nesting and making a mess, and a prior solution, a […]

Best Swallow Prevention Strategies Available

Best Swallow Prevention Strategies AvailableBefore you know it the swallows will return to make their mark on your customer's homes and businesses. These beautiful little birds can make an ugly mess on any overhang-type structure such as eaves, porch roofs, and underneath decks. Bird Barrier offers three different ways to repel the birds. All are safe and don't impact […]

BirdSlide Makes Sure The Mounties Always Get Their Bird!

BirdSlide Makes Sure The Mounties Always Get Their Bird!In recent years, Canada has become a bastion of modern architectural design.  From Vancouver's ubiquitous glass awnings to Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, Canadian buildings are getting shaken up more than a Los Angeles high-rise in the middle of an earthquake!  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police training depot in Regina, Saskatchewan is no exception to this […]

Who Can You Call? Bird Barrier!

Who Can You Call? Bird Barrier!Want help with a purchase, need to clarify an order, find out about a delivery estimate, or even get expert bird advice? Call Amanda Siravo or Diana Lomeli, two of Bird Barrier's outstanding customer service/sales representatives at the Carson, California Bird Barrier office. You can ask Amanda and Diana questions starting at 7am each morning. They […]

Friday was a blue shirt kind of day

Friday was a blue shirt kind of dayHappy Friday from Lenny, Ron and Carlos at Bird Barrier America, Inc.

Bird Barrier in FacilitiesNet.com Case Study

Bird Barrier in FacilitiesNet.com Case Study  This great case study shows how Bird Shock Flex-Track and StealthNet saved a Dallas office complex from thousands of dollars in maintenance and cleanup. The most recent case study on FacilitiesNet.com highlights the ongoing cost of cleanup for a Dallas complex and the alarming problems birds can cause. In the end, the office complex […]

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Bird Barrier!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Bird Barrier!Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Bird Barrier!

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